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Filaments are our specialty. We know very well how important they are in the production or prototyping process. The final effect, i.e. the printing result, depends on a well-chosen material. Our offer includes proposals adapted to various requirements and expectations. MaxFilament guarantees the highest quality of materials, as well as its repeatability – every print is just as perfect.

 We approach each client individually. We focus on professional communication and consulting in order to understand specific needs. Whether you print from time to time or your machines run non-stop, we are able to meet your expectations. We will always take care of the right materials. We prepare and pack them on time, ensuring that they fully comply with the specification. In case of any issues, we provide support and advice.

Maxfilament – choose us as your filament supplier!

Zostaw dane kontaktowe, skontaktujemy się z Tobą aby dobrać i przesłać Tobie bezpłatną szpulę firmamentu na testy.

Oferujemy darmowe próbki materiałów dla klientów, zamawiających powyżej 10kg miesięcznie. Pomagamy również skonfigurować drukarkę pod nowy materiał.


Please leave us contact details, so we can offer you sample spoll.

We will contact you at a convenient time. We offer support during process of selection and calibration new material.

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