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Maxfilament joins forces with FlashForge

Maxfilament joins forces with FlashForge Polska Polish filament manufacturer Maxfilament has just joined forces with FlashForage Polska, the leading distributor and authorised service provider of the famous 3D printing brand. As part of this coordination, Maxfilament has prepared dedicated, industrial filaments to work with the latest Creator 4 industrial printer. The materials meet the needs …

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Nylon with Carbon – is it actually that expensive?

Many people involved in 3D printing think that nylon with carbon is an expensive material and completely unprofitable in the industry. Well of course, considering the price alone, it does seem to be a bit of a downside when compared to other types of filaments that are offered by various companies. But does it really mean that it is not economical to produce 3D prints with this type of filament? Or maybe, contrary to the first impression, this is a material that is genuinely worth the investment because it is… well, a real investment? What are the qualities of this material? What can be printed with it? What makes it different from other filaments?

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Bulletproof filament

There are many different filaments on the market, which can be used to print all sorts of things – all the way from bricks and figurines to even car parts. Each type of filament has specific advantages, which makes it perfect for printing particular objects. However, hardly any filament is as durable and strong as ABS Aramid. What is it exactly? What can you print with this filament? What are the advantages? How does it print?

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Zostaw dane kontaktowe, skontaktujemy się z Tobą aby dobrać i przesłać Tobie bezpłatną szpulę firmamentu na testy.

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