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We all know that without innovation there is no progress. Risk of being overtaken by staying in your comfort zone is growing every month. Thanks to our creative team we are not afraid of the future, we constantly aim higher and higher, that is why you need to join us to stay ahead!

Our research proved that these filaments will allow you to reach different types of customers, which will translate directly into greater profit. Optimize your portfolio by getting our newest members of our offer - ECO filaments.

We support nature with the best quality materials and we focus on the future of Our Planet! Don’t hesitate and welcome the future with materials that are ECO-friendly to any environment!

We believe in zero-waste

With time, we realised that for the benefit of Our Planet, we have to act more responsibly

The 3D printing industry is associated with plastics, but it does not necessarily have a negative impact on the environment. In order to create more nature-friendly products, we have introduced appropriate changes which allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint.

However, we decided to go a step further. As a result of hard work, supported by many studies and tests, our company has created an ecological line of 3D printing materials. We intend to develop it on an ongoing basis, so that it can reach every home, workshop, laboratory or other places which, just like us, are ready to get involved in the fight for the environment and a better future.

Recycled wood fiber spools

When choosing the material for the spools, we focused on the material with a low CO2 emission. Our spools are made of recycled material, with 40% natural wood fibers. Wood has a negative CO2 emission factor, because a tree grows up to take CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. In this way, we have further lowered the product's carbon footprint. In addition, such a spool has a natural scent of wood and a pleasant-to-touch texture.

Cardboard recycled paper box

All of the materials are packed in environmentally friendly recycled cardboard boxes, marked with the RESY symbol. This mark guarantees the disposal and reuse of all of the transport and external packaging made of paper/cardboard. The marking complies with the requirements specified in the German act on transport packaging

An eco-friendly film and absorber

The spools are wrapped in 100% biodegradable foil and packed in an ecological, transparent, soft LD PE bag (polyethylene with the PZH approval, approved for contact with food and with the d2w Certicate attestation). The package includes a moisture absorber with bentonite clay - a completely natural product in the form of a sedimentary rock, containing mainly montmorillonite (a type of silicate). It absorbs moisture perfectly. After being absorbed, it does not dissolve, but swells (takes the form of a sponge).

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(+48) 508 237 322

We approach each client individually. We focus on professional communication and consulting in order to understand specific needs. Whether you print from time to time or your machines run non-stop, we are able to meet your expectations.

We will always take care of the right materials. We prepare and pack them on time, ensuring that they fully comply with the specification. In case of any issues, we provide support and advice.

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