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Maxfilament joins forces with FlashForge Polska

Polish filament manufacturer Maxfilament has just joined forces with FlashForage Polska, the leading distributor and authorised service provider of the famous 3D printing brand.

As part of this coordination, Maxfilament has prepared dedicated, industrial filaments to work with the latest Creator 4 industrial printer. The materials meet the needs of the automotive, aerospace, industrial and service industries. PLUG&PRINT profiles make printing from industrial materials on the Creator 4 printer easy and convenient, with high-quality prints.

Creator 4 results using industrial Maxfilament materials will be on display at the upcoming Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt am Main from 15-17 November 2022. Prints using industrial Maxfilament materials will be displayed in the FlashForge Polska & Maxfilament booth (hall 11.1, stand F43).

Maxfilament materials for FlashForge Polska

Maxfilament engineers have developed print profiles for MAX SMART ABS, MAX ASA, MAX PA6, MAX CARBON PA12, MAX TPU93A, and MAX HIPS support material.

They are currently working on print profiles for different industrial materials such as MAX PET-G FR, MAX PET-G ESD and MAX ABS ARAMID.


The material has physico-chemical and mechanical properties ideally suited for automotive and industrial applications. It prints very easily. It allows large patterns to be created without the risk of distortion. It will enable printing to be significantly accelerated.


It has similar properties to ABS but shows increased moisture and UV radiation resistance. It has been developed as a replacement for ABS for outdoor use. It is ideal for automotive end-use applications.

  • MAX PA6

A polyamide with outstanding printability, while meeting the highest industrial requirements. It is highly resistant to heat and chemicals and has a high tensile strength—ideal for printing machine parts in demanding environments.


High-performance PA12 reinforced with carbon fibres. It resists high temperatures and is powerful thanks to the carbon fibre reinforcement. The carbon reinforcement makes shrinkage very low—ideal for high-strength applications and end-use parts.

  • MAX TPU93A

A flexible material, reaching a Shore hardness of 93A after printing. It is resistant to invasive chemicals such as acids and oils. It can be used for flexible parts and seals constantly exposed to harsh conditions.


Commonly used as a support material for ABS and ASA. It is soluble in limonene acid and can be broken out mechanically. It is also a modelling material – it has an aesthetically pleasing matt finish and can be effortlessly polished.

In preparation:


Flame-resistant filament, easy to print. More durable and resistant to higher temperatures than PLA. It has extremely low shrinkage and does not absorb water.


Charge-dissipating material that provides safety for integrated circuits and other machine components. Minimises the risk of partial or permanent damage.


High-performance ABS reinforced with ARAMID fibres. It is easier to print and has less shrinkage than regular ABS, with increased toughness. Ideal for creating parts with required high strength and end-use elements.

All the materials described above can be purchased from Maxfilament and FlashForge Polska.

Creator 4 printer – a machine for particular tasks

Creator 4 is an industrial printer with a large working area, two extruders with interchangeable modules and an advanced temperature control system. The machine handles demanding industrial filaments, such as carbon or aramid fibre, and perfectly handles non-flammable and flexible materials.

Advantages of the Creator 4 printer:

  • large working area,
  • heated and sealed chamber,
  • IDEX system with two independent heads,
  • HD camera with 1080P resolution,
  • the function of resuming printing after a sudden power failure,
  • slicer with print profiles adapted to Maxfilament materials.

Maxfilament is a Polish manufacturer and supplier of professional filaments for industrial applications. It has a wide range of state-of-the-art materials suitable for prototyping, machine parts, finished products, etc. For more information about the company, please visit:

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Please leave us contact details, so we can offer you sample spoll.

We will contact you at a convenient time. We offer support during process of selection and calibration new material.

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