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Many people involved in 3D printing think that nylon with carbon is an expensive material and completely unprofitable in the industry. Well of course, considering the price alone, it does seem to be a bit of a downside when compared to other types of filaments that are offered by various companies. But does it really mean that it is not economical to produce 3D prints with this type of filament? Or maybe, contrary to the first impression, this is a material that is genuinely worth the investment because it is… well, a real investment? What are the qualities of this material? What can be printed with it? What makes it different from other filaments?

What is the price of printing with Carbon?

People who are familiar with 3D printing, know the prices of the various filaments they use – and of course, they are aware of the fact that printing with Carbon might seem to be several, if not a dozen times more expensive at first glance. Many people therefore choose not to print prototypes of various items they are working on with this filament, and this is a mistake. Contrary to appearances, nylon with carbon is such a unique material for printing that it is definitely worth giving it a chance.

How does this price compare to the prices of other filaments?

Of course, everyone is curious about what the difference is between the price of Carbon and other 3D printing filaments. The truth is, it all depends on what kind of filament you choose to buy. There are places where carbon is cheaper – however, you need to consider whether you can really get a product of sufficient quality for a low price. In our company you will find carbon, which can be used to produce high quality prints – both prototypes and final versions. So what is the answer to the question: how does the price of carbon compares to the prices of other filaments? Yes, the price is higher and it is much higher, but what you receive for this price is much more superior to what you can get when choosing other types of filament.

What are the qualities of carbon?

So, let’s maybe focus on the advantages of carbon, shall we? What makes this filament so special, so expensive and why despite the price it is definitely worth the investment? Well, there are a lot of qualities of this filament. One of them is durability which is much higher than in case of printouts made with other types of filament. No wonder that carbon is often utilized in automotive industry. An additional advantage is the resistance to both heat and cold – elements made of carbon can be easily tested in any, even very adverse conditions. The next thing is the resistance to shrinkage – this material does not shrink after it solidifies. This means that there is no need to print the same element several times before prototyping, as it will be perfect the first time. So, let’s say that the quality of carbon completely surpasses the quality of other 3D printer filaments.

What makes Carbon stand out from other filaments?

When it comes to distinguishing features, carbon as a filament certainly stands out in terms of overall quality. It is not only weather resistant but also resistant to abrasion, breakage and other unpredictable damages that are often seen in printouts made with other felts. Apart from this, you should also be aware that carbon is not as difficult to print as many people think – it’s just an excuse not to invest in this felt because of its price.

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