MAX Cleaner

The material is intended for cleaning extruders. Suitable for all types of 3D printers as it operates at temperatures from 180°C to 300°C. It is used with each change of the grade and / or color of the filament in order to remove deposits.



MAX Cleaner is a special material used to clean extruders. When used regularly, it prevents the build-up of deposits that can lead to burns. It is recommended to use it after each change of the type or color of the filament. During the procedure, you should perform a hot pull several times, i.e. squeeze a few centimeters of the material, and then quickly remove it with the hot head. The filament is compatible with all types of 3D printers because it works in a wide temperature range (from 180°C to 300°C). For best results, the temperature should not exceed 360°C.