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As 3D printing technology has become more accessible to many companies in various industries, in-house 3D printing is now a key part of the production process. Modern manufacturing companies in particular use 3D printing on a daily basis and it is an important element of the overall production process. However, sometimes they tend to underestimate the importance of seemingly insignificant aspects – and this is exactly why choosing the right supplier of industrial grade filaments is so essential. There are a number of problems that a company can encounter if it chooses the first supplier they find or, perhaps worse, the cheapest one. It’s also important to know that cheap filaments come with an additional cost. A hidden one.

The opportunity cost is the cost of ruined prints…

When working on a large and important project, prototyping may seem just one stage of many other stages of the project, but it is a very important . The key of 3D printing in prototyping is to shorten the time of the entire prototyping phase and get the final product to market faster. However, to enjoy these benefits, we must avoid mistakes caused by inferior materials. On this point, we must admit that low-quality filament is most often responsible for unsuccessful prints.

…and the cost of lost customers

If the filament is of poor quality, the 3D printed prototype turns out to be unusable and the whole process has to be restarted, causing delays of subsequent stages and even delaying the whole project. And the cost of such a delay could be much greater than just the cost of a print. Anyone who runs a service business is aware that customers always request parts quickly and on time. The cost of not delivering on time just because cheap filament ruined the prints is simply too high not worth the risk. Failing the project and losing the trust of your customers as a result, can also seriously damage your company’s reputation in the long run.

Repeatability of the filament is the repeatability of the print

The other factor that should be considered when choosing the right filament supplier is the repeatability of the filament. Repeatability is a key aspect while using filament 3D printing for production purposes. For low volume production, predefined Gcode files are set once for many parts and they are matched to a specific filament. The Gcodes should not be changed and the prints are supposed to run over and over again without the operator adjusting the parameters of each batch. If the supplier does not provide repeatable batches of filament – the production on 3D printers will not be repeatable either, and parts will not meet requirements. Or… Gcodes will need to be adjusted, which is both costly and time consuming. The cost for the operator to keep recreating the Gcodes for each upcoming batch of filament makes using cheap filament with non-repeatable quality pointless.

One faulty spool can impact the whole process

Another problem that can arise when using cheap filament is its reliability, or rather its lack of reliability, which is often caused by faulty spools. When using large quantities of filament for large prints, the reliability of the filament supplier is a very sensitive and expensive issue. In this case, reliability means that no spools can be faulty. In large scale 3D printing with large machines with large print volumes that create models consisting of more than 1 kg spools – sometimes even more than a dozen spools – one faulty spool in the middle of the entire printing process means that the whole model is ruined and irreparable. Choosing cheap filament for large models simply may turn out to be both expensive and time-consuming.

Trust the experience

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Please leave us contact details, so we can offer you sample spoll.

We will contact you at a convenient time. We offer support during process of selection and calibration new material.

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